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Our Exclusive 1/200 Scale Line!
InFlight200 Models are extremely high quality 1/200 scale models, featuring rolling rubber wheels, detailed printing and very limited production runs.

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DC-8-63 DC-9-30 DC-9-40 DC-10 ERJ-145
L-1011 P-3 Orion MD-82 TU-154 Accessories
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Sold-Out Models Can Now Be Seen Here.
Model Number Picture Airline Status Information Price
Airbus A350WXB
New Instock Model!!
Airbus Industries IN-STOCK Farnborough Exclusive  - Flaps Down Version $129.00
New Instock Model!!
Airbus Industries IN-STOCK Carbon Livery - Flaps Up Version $129.00
New Instock Model!!
Airbus Industries IN-STOCK Carbon Livery - Flaps Down Version $129.00
New Instock Model!!
Airbus/Qatar Airways IN-STOCK Qatar Livery - Flaps Up Version $129.00
New Instock Model!!
Airbus/Qatar Airways IN-STOCK Qatar Livery - Flaps Down Version $129.00
New Instock Model!!
American Airlines PRE-ORDER Flaps Up Version $129.00
New Instock Model!!
American Airlines PRE-ORDER Flaps Down Version $129.00
New Instock Model!!
Vietnam Airlines PRE-ORDER Flaps Up Version $129.00
New Instock Model!!
Vietnam Airlines PRE-ORDER Flaps Down Version $129.00
Armstrong Argosy
IFARG002 Royal Air Force IN-STOCK Cameo Livery - RP-C1192 - 24 pcs $70.00
Boeing E-3 Sentry
New Instock Model!!
UK Air Force IN-STOCK   $125.00
Boeing 720
New Instock Model!!
Olympic Airways PRE-ORDER Polished Finish - With Stand $99.00
New Instock Model!!
United Airlines PRE-ORDER Polished Finish $99.00
Boeing 707-300/400
New Instock Model!!
Austrian Airlines IN-STOCK Polished Finish $129.00
IF70740314P BEA Airtours IN-STOCK Polished Finish $129.00
IF7070514PBA British Airtours IN-STOCK Polished Finish $119.00
Boeing 707-320
IF70045 Aerolineas Argentinas Cargo IN-STOCK   $99.00
IF7070313LR Air Bahama IN-STOCK N525EJ- 120 pcs. $119.00
SOCAFR012 Air France Cargo IN-STOCK Current Colors - 120 pcs
Socatec Exclusive
IF7070513LR Air Mauritius IN-STOCK 3B-NAE- 120 pcs. $119.00
IF7070812AP American Airlines Freight IN-STOCK Lightning Bolt Livery - Polished Finish $139.00
IF7002B British Airways LIMITED STOCK British Titles - 225 pcs. $125.00
IF70059 British Caledonian Cargo IN-STOCK   $99.00
IF7070411 Britannia Airways IN-STOCK Polished Finish $109.00
IF70048 Canadian Air Force IN-STOCK Huskie Tail Version $99.00
IF7070414P China Airlines IN-STOCK   $129.00
IF7070811P Continental IN-STOCK Delivery Colors - Polished Belly $139.00
IF70010 Flying Tiger Line IN-STOCK N322F - 288 pcs. $99.00
IF70081 Iraqi Airways IN-STOCK Straight Cheatline $99.00
IF70082P Iraqi Airways IN-STOCK Curved Cheatline - Polished Finish $109.00
IF70047 JAT Yugoslav IN-STOCK   $99.00
IF70053 Korean Air Lines IN-STOCK Old Colors $99.00
IF7070413LR Malaysian Airline System IN-STOCK 9M-MCQ- 120 pcs. $119.00
IF7070413BP Malaysian Airline System IN-STOCK 9M-ATR - Daikong Exclusive $129.00
New Instock Model!!
MEA Middle Eastern PRE-ORDER Old Colors - Polished Finish $129.00
IF7071111 NATO IN-STOCK LX-N20000 $129.00
IF7070112B PIA IN-STOCK Gold Cheatline Livery $129.00
IF70051 Qantas IN-STOCK Qantastic Christmas $99.00
New Instock Model!!
Royal Australian Air Force IN-STOCK CAM Australia Exclusive $125.00
IF7070913 Sobelair IN-STOCK OO-SJM - Aviation Megastore Exclusive $119.00
IF70046 Spanish Air Force IN-STOCK 220 pcs. $99.00
IF7070511A TAP Portugal Cargo IN-STOCK Later Colors - 120 pcs. $129.00
IF7070511B TAP Portugal IN-STOCK Later Colors - 144 pcs. $129.00
New Instock Model!!
TAP Portugal IN-STOCK Old Colors - Polished Finish $129.00
IF70041 Turkish Cargo IN-STOCK   $99.00
IF70028 TWA Cargo IN-STOCK Twin-Globe Livery $99.00
IF70055 USAF LIMITED STOCK C-137C - 240 pcs. $99.00
IF70024 Varig Cargo IN-STOCK PP-VLL - 336 pcs. $99.00
IF7070412A Wardair LIMITED STOCK Polished Belly $129.00
Boeing 727-100
IF721212AP American Airlines IN-STOCK Delivery Colors - Polished Finish $115.00
IF721212BP American Airlines IN-STOCK Delivery Colors - Polished Finish $115.00
New Instock Model!!
American Airlines PRE-ORDER Newer Colors - Polished Finish $105.00
IF721018 Braniff LIMITED STOCK Ochre Jellybean - 168 pcs. $77.00
IF7210611 Continental IN-STOCK Delivery Colors - Polished Belly $115.00
IF721004 Dan Air IN-STOCK G-BDAN $77.00
IF7210212P Olympic Airways IN-STOCK Polished Belly $115.00
IF7210314P Philippine Airlines LIMITED STOCK Polished Belly $115.00
IF721038 TAP Portugal LIMITED STOCK Old Colors - Polished Belly $77.00
IF721134 United Airlines IN-STOCK Saul Bass Colors
144 pcs.
Boeing 727-200
New Instock Model!!
Air Canada IN-STOCK 80's Livery $95.00
IFLHS001 Air Holland IN-STOCK Old Colors - Polished Finish $95.00
IF722019 Air Jamaica IN-STOCK Delivery Colors $80.00
IF722021 Alaska Airlines IN-STOCK Old Colors $79.00
IF7220613 Ansett Australia LIMITED STOCK Star Livery $115.00
IF7220114P Avianca LIMITED STOCK Polished Finish $95.00
IF722018 ATA IN-STOCK 25th Anniversary Scheme - 618 pcs. $79.00
IF722009 Braniff IN-STOCK Ultra - Red $79.00
IF722014 Braniff IN-STOCK Ultra - Light Blue $79.00
IF722015 Braniff IN-STOCK Ultra - Blue $79.00
IF722041 British Airways
IN-STOCK Scotland Tail - 144 pcs. $80.00


British Airways
IN-STOCK Holland Tail - 144 pcs. $80.00
IF722024 Continental LIMITED STOCK Current Colors - 432 pcs. $80.00
IF722006 Eastern Airlines LIMITED STOCK Polished Finish $95.00
IF722040 Hapag Lloyd IN-STOCK   $77.00
IF722090 Iberia IN-STOCK   $80.00
IF722038 Iraqi Airways IN-STOCK Straight Cheatline - 120 pcs $80.00
IF7220811B JAT Yugoslav IN-STOCK   $115.00
IF722005 Lufthansa LIMITED STOCK "Karlsruche" - D-ABCI
Experimental Colors
IF722037 National IN-STOCK   $79.00
IF722016 Northeast IN-STOCK Yellowbird Scheme - N1641 $79.00
New Instock Model!!
Olympic Airways PRE-ORDER   $95.00
IF722036 Southwest Airlines IN-STOCK   $80.00
New Instock Model!!
Syrian Air PRE-ORDER   $95.00
IF7220713 Turkish Airlines LIMITED STOCK Newer Livery $115.00
IF7220411B TWA IN-STOCK Final Colors - Rams Livery $80.00
IF722048 United Airlines IN-STOCK Battleship Colors $80.00
IF7220711B US Air IN-STOCK   $99.00
Boeing 737-100
IF731AF001 Air Florida IN-STOCK Singapore Hybrid
Jetstreams Exclusive - 72pcs
IF7310414 American Airlines IN-STOCK N472GB - AirCal Colors - 60pcs $75.00
IF7311113 America West IN-STOCK Phoenix Suns Livery $75.00
New Instock Model!!
Avianca Columbia PRE-ORDER Polished Finish $75.00
Boeing 737-200
IFCAN73200113 Air Canada IN-STOCK Final Colors - 45 Pcs $75.00
IF7320614 Air Philippines IN-STOCK   $75.00
IF7320412 Air Malta IN-STOCK   $79.00
IF732038 America West IN-STOCK Final A West 737-200 $65.00
IF732022 Boeing Company IN-STOCK House Colors $75.00
IF7320212A British Airways IN-STOCK Teaming Up for Britain $79.00
IF7320212B British Airways IN-STOCK Pause to Remember $79.00
IF7321111A British Airways IN-STOCK Blue Poole World Tail $79.00
IF7321111B British Airways IN-STOCK Koguty Lowickie World Tail $79.00
IF7321111C British Airways IN-STOCK Rendevous World Tail $79.00
IF732049 Canadian Airlines IN-STOCK Proud Wings Livery $79.00
IFCAN732001 Canadian Airlines IN-STOCK Air Canada Hybrid $79.00
IF732CHN02 China Southern IN-STOCK   $75.00


IN-STOCK Polished Version - 120 Pcs $75.00


IN-STOCK 120 Pcs $65.00
IF732030 CP Air IN-STOCK Polished Finish $75.00
IF7320413 El Al IN-STOCK   $75.00

LAN Cargo

IN-STOCK New Colors $65.00
IF732002 Lufthansa IN-STOCK Experimental Colors - Polished Finish - D-ABHX $75.00
IF732MAS01 Malaysian Airlines IN-STOCK   $75.00
IF732041213 Sobel Air / Air Malta IN-STOCK 9H-ABB - 72 Pcs $75.00
IF732008 South African Airways IN-STOCK ZS-SBM - Polished Belly $85.00
IF732025 South African Airways LIMITED STOCK New Version - ZS-SBL - "Pongola"- Polished Belly $85.00
IF732037 South African Airways IN-STOCK Current Colors - 240 pcs. $90.00
IF732036 South African Airways Cargo IN-STOCK Current Colors - 120 pcs. $90.00
IF7320112 Sudan Airways IN-STOCK TS-IOE $79.00
IF732007 TAP Portugal IN-STOCK CS-TEO - 426 pcs. $75.00
IF732TRA01 Transavia IN-STOCK Aviation Megastore Exclusive $75.00
IF732009 United Airlines IN-STOCK Stars & Bars Livery - N9032U $69.00
IF7320711 United Airlines IN-STOCK Saul Bass Colors $79.00
IF7320911A Western Airlines IN-STOCK Polished Livery $99.00
IF732045 ZIP IN-STOCK Orange- 120 pcs $65.00
IF732046 ZIP IN-STOCK Fuschia- 120 pcs $65.00
IF732047 ZIP IN-STOCK Green - 120 pcs $65.00
IF732048 ZIP IN-STOCK Blue- 120 pcs $65.00
Boeing 737-500
IF735001 Donavia IN-STOCK   $125.00
Boeing 737-700
IF7371011B Continental IN-STOCK   $99.00
IF7370811 Gulf Air IN-STOCK Boeing BBJ $99.00
IF737005 SkyEurope IN-STOCK   $68.00
IF737001 South African Air Force IN-STOCK   $68.00
IF737002 Tarom IN-STOCK Retro Livery $68.00
IF7370812A Varig IN-STOCK New Colors $99.00
IF7370812B Varig IN-STOCK New Colors - Winglets $99.00
Boeing 737-800
IF73802213 American Airlines IN-STOCK New Colors - N908NN $89.00
IF7380611 Delta Airlines IN-STOCK Skyteam Livery $99.00
IF738003 Egypt Air IN-STOCK New Colors $68.00
IF738006 Helios Air IN-STOCK   $68.00
IF7380512B Malev IN-STOCK   $99.00
IFNOR001 Norwegian Air Shuttle LIMITED STOCK 6000th 737 - LN-NOL $89.00
IFLHS003 Transavia IN-STOCK Aviation Megastore Exclusive $89.00
IF738004 Turkish Airlines IN-STOCK FC Barcelona Colors $68.00
Boeing 737-900
IF739003 Alaska Airlines IN-STOCK   $70.00
Boeing 747SP
IF747SP1113B Air China IN-STOCK   $145.00
New Instock Model!!
Air Namibia PRE-ORDER   $145.00
New Instock Model!!
Alliance Air PRE-ORDER Polished $145.00
IF747SP602 American Airlines LIMITED STOCK Polished Finish - N602AA $170.00
IF747SP022 Australia Asia Airlines IN-STOCK   $149.00
IF747SP004 Braniff IN-STOCK   $165.00
New Instock Model!!
Boeing Company PRE-ORDER House Colors $145.00
IF747SP1113A CAAC IN-STOCK   $145.00
IFSOC018 Corsair IN-STOCK Socatec Exclusive $185.00
New Instock Model!!
Iran Air PRE-ORDER   $145.00
IF747SP025P Iraqi Government IN-STOCK Polished Belly $165.00
IF747SP145 NASA IN-STOCK United Colors $155.00
IF747SP024 South African Airways LIMITED STOCK New Colors $165.00
IF747SP008 TWA IN-STOCK Twin-Stripe Livery - Boston Express $165.00
IF747SP3313 United Airlines IN-STOCK Saul Bass Colors - Large Titles
Jetstreams Exclusive
New Instock Model!!
Yemenia - Yemen Airways PRE-ORDER   $145.00
Boeing 747-100
SOC741AF Air France Cargo IN-STOCK Old Colors
Socatec Exclusive
New Instock Model!!
KLM PRE-ORDER Delivery Colors $159.00
Boeing 747-200
IF742015 Alitalia Cargo IN-STOCK   $170.00
New Instock Model!!
Avianca PRE-ORDER With Stand $169.00
IF742005 Braniff IN-STOCK N602BN - 804 pcs. $175.00
IF742006 British Airways IN-STOCK India Paithani Tail $175.00
IF7420313B British Airways IN-STOCK Blue Poole $159.00
IF7420313C British Airways IN-STOCK Chelsea Rose $159.00
IF7420313D British Airways IN-STOCK Flowers Fields $159.00
IF7420411C CP Air IN-STOCK C-FCRB - Empress of Canada
Polished Finish
IF7420411D CP Air IN-STOCK C-FCRE - Empress of Italy
Polished Finish
IF7420411E CP Air IN-STOCK C-FCRD - Empress of Australia
Polished Finish
IF7420411F CP Air IN-STOCK C-FCRA - Empress of Japan
Polished Finish
IF742004 Continental IN-STOCK Red Meatball - N609PE $175.00
IF742009 Seaboard World IN-STOCK 240 Pcs $175.00
IF7420513A Singapore Airlines IN-STOCK California Here we Come Titles $159.00
IF7420513B Singapore Airlines IN-STOCK 9V-SIA $159.00
New Instock Model!!
United States of America PRE-ORDER 'Flying White House' $169.00
Boeing 747-300
IF743004 PIA IN-STOCK Mountain Paradise Tail $175.00
New Instock Model!!
Varig PRE-ORDER PP-VNI - Polished Finish $169.00
Boeing 747-400
IF7441113 Air New Zealand IN-STOCK   $159.00
New Instock Model!!
EVA Air PRE-ORDER New Livery $159.00
New Instock Model!!
EVA Air Cargo PRE-ORDER New Livery $159.00
IF744007 Global Supply IN-STOCK G-GSSC - 408 pcs. $175.00
IF7440714A KLM IN-STOCK PH-BFU $159.00
New Instock Model!!
KLM PRE-ORDER 95 Years Logo With Stand $159.00
IF7440513 South African Airways IN-STOCK   $159.00
IF744601 Thai Airways IN-STOCK Retro Livery $175.00
Boeing 777-200
IF777016 Alitalia IN-STOCK New Colors - EI-DBL $119.00
IF777010 Alitalia LIMITED STOCK New Colors $119.00
IF777005 British Airways IN-STOCK USA Tail - Jetstreams Exclusive $130.00
Boeing 777-300
New Instock Model!!
Garuda Indonesia PRE-ORDER   $125.00
New Instock Model!!
KLM PRE-ORDER 90 Years Logo $159.00
New Instock Model!!
KLM PRE-ORDER New Livery $125.00
New Instock Model!!
TAM PRE-ORDER   $125.00
Boeing 787-8
IF787003 Air India IN-STOCK   $129.00
New Instock Model!!
American Airlines PRE-ORDER With Stand $125.00
IF787004 China Southern IN-STOCK   $129.00
New Instock Model!!
Kenya Airways PRE-ORDER With Stand $125.00
IF7870314 Qatar Airways IN-STOCK With OneWorld Logo $125.00
IF787005 Royal Air Maroc IN-STOCK   $129.00
Bristol Britannia
IF2BRIT001 Canadian Pacific IN-STOCK   $89.00
British Aircraft Co BAC-111
IF111012 Aer Lingus IN-STOCK   $69.00
IF111013 Mohawk Airlines IN-STOCK   $69.00
IF111007 Royal Aircraft Establishment LIMITED STOCK   $69.00
IF111008 Royal Australian Air Force IN-STOCK A12-125 $66.00
Convair CV-880
New Instock Model!!
Alaska Airlines PRE-ORDER   $105.00
New Instock Model!!
KLM/Viasa IN-STOCK Split Livery $105.00
Convair CV-990
New Instock Model!!
Air France IN-STOCK Polished Finish $107.00
New Instock Model!!
Alaska Airlines IN-STOCK Polished Finish $107.00
New Instock Model!!
American Airlines IN-STOCK Polished Finish $107.00
Douglas DC-8-62
IF80012 Alitalia
I-DIWC - Newer Scheme $105.00
IF80018 Alitalia Cargo System IN-STOCK N8964U - Old Colors $99.00
IF80011 Balair IN-STOCK HB-IDH - 240 pcs. $105.00
IFDC8620811 Braniff IN-STOCK Calder Livery - Alternate Engine Art $129.00
IF2BRN6201 Braniff IN-STOCK Blue Jellybean $129.00
IF2BRN6202 Braniff IN-STOCK Yellow Jellybean $129.00
IF2BRN6203 Braniff IN-STOCK Dark Green Jellybean $129.00
IF2BRN6204 Braniff IN-STOCK Beige Jellybean $129.00
IF2BRN6205 Braniff IN-STOCK Red Jellybean $129.00
IF2BRN6206 Braniff IN-STOCK Orange Jellybean $129.00
IF2BRN6207 Braniff IN-STOCK Green Jellybean $129.00
IFSOC802 Republique Francaise IN-STOCK Socatec Exclusive $135.00
IFDC8621211B Thai Cargo IN-STOCK   $129.00
Douglas DC-8-63
IF863060 Air Canada Cargo IN-STOCK 80's Colors $120.00
IF863003 Arrow Air IN-STOCK New Colors $120.00
IFDC8630114P Austrian Airlines IN-STOCK Polished Belly $149.00
  New Instock Model!!
Balair PRE-ORDER Polished Belly $149.00
IFDC8631113P Canadian Pacific IN-STOCK Polished Belly $149.00
IFDC8630314 Capitol Air IN-STOCK   $159.00
IF863017 Capitol IN-STOCK   $120.00
IF863018 DHL IN-STOCK New Colors $120.00
  IF863063 Hawaiian LIMITED STOCK Hawaiian Titles $120.00
  New Instock Model!!
KLM PRE-ORDER Old Colors $149.00
IF8630211B SAS Scandinavian IN-STOCK 120 Pcs $120.00
IF8630211A Scanair IN-STOCK 120 Pcs $120.00
IF863016 Surinam Airways IN-STOCK   $120.00
Douglas DC-9-30
IF932025 1Time IN-STOCK   $65.00
IF932019 Air West IN-STOCK Pink and Red Tail - 120 pcs $65.00
IF932020 Air West IN-STOCK Brown and Red Tail - 120 pcs $65.00
IF932021 Air West IN-STOCK Green and Blue Tail - 120 pcs $65.00
IF932022 Air West IN-STOCK Blue and Brown Tail - 120 pcs $65.00
New Instock Model!!
Alitalia IN-STOCK   $75.00
IF932008 Balair IN-STOCK Delivery Colors - HB-IDT $69.00
IFDC9301113 British Midland IN-STOCK Delivery Colors - HB-IDT $75.00
IF932002 Continental IN-STOCK Red Meatball - 480 pcs. $69.00
New Instock Model!!
Continental PRE-ORDER Final Colors $75.00
IF932005 Delta Airlines IN-STOCK 660 pcs. $75.00
New Instock Model!!
JAT Yugoslav IN-STOCK   $75.00
IFDC9300414P New York Air LIMITED STOCK Polished Finish $75.00
IF932011 Northwest IN-STOCK Bowling Shoe Colors $69.00
IFDC930314 Texas International LIMITED STOCK   $75.00
IFDC90113 TWA IN-STOCK Final Colors $79.00
IF932004 TWA IN-STOCK Twin Stripes - N929L $69.00
IF932006 US Navy IN-STOCK 480 pcs. $69.00
Douglas DC-9-40/50
IF941003 SAS Scandinavian IN-STOCK DC-9-40 - Polished Finish $75.00
Douglas DC-10
IFDC100414P Aeromexico IN-STOCK Delivery Colors - Polished Finish $165.00
IFDC100415PA Aeromexico PRE-ORDER XA-DUH- Polished Finish
Limited to 50pcs
IFDC100412A Air Afrique IN-STOCK White Belly $175.00
IFDC100214P Air New Zealand IN-STOCK Old Colors - Polished Finish $165.00
IFDC10777 Air Lib IN-STOCK Limited to 144 pics. $175.00
IFDC10666 Air Lib Express IN-STOCK Limited to 144 pics. $175.00
New Instock Model!!
American Airlines PRE-ORDER DC-10-10 - Polished Finish
With Stand
IF10103 AOM French Airlines IN-STOCK Socatec Exclusive $159.00
IF103015 ATA Airlines IN-STOCK NWA Colors $120.00
IFDC10FAREWELL Biman Bangladesh IN-STOCK Farewell Aircraft $159.00
IF103027 Canadian Airlines IN-STOCK   $143.00
IF103025 Continental/Alitalia IN-STOCK Split Livery $143.00
IF10YRANV Continental/Alitalia IN-STOCK Split Livery - Inflight200 Anniversary Logo - Limited 50pcs $125.00
IF103026 Continental IN-STOCK Current livery $143.00
IF10102 Corsair IN-STOCK OO-LRM - Socatec Exclusive $149.00
IFDC100611A CP Air IN-STOCK Expo 86 Livery $175.00
IFDC100611B CP Air IN-STOCK Regular Livery $175.00
IFDC100911 Eastern Airlines IN-STOCK   $175.00
New Instock Model!!
Ecuatoriana PRE-ORDER   $159.00
IFDC100314P Hawaiian Air IN-STOCK Polished Finish $165.00
IFDC10EC13 Iberia IN-STOCK Old Colors - 60 pcs $159.00
IF103034 Korean Air IN-STOCK Delivery Colors $145.00
IF103016 Laker Skytrain IN-STOCK 'Florida Belle' - 240 pcs. $120.00
IF103017 Laker IN-STOCK 'Endeavour' - 240 pcs. $120.00
IFDC100513B Martinair IN-STOCK PH-MBT - 96 Pcs $159.00
IFDC100313LR Monarch IN-STOCK G-DMCA - Limited 120 pcs $159.00
IF103036 National Airlines IN-STOCK N83NA - Silver Belly $145.00
IF103037 National Airlines IN-STOCK N81NA - White Belly $145.00
IFKC1001A Netherlands Airforce IN-STOCK T-264 - Black Titles $175.00
IFKC1001B Netherlands Airforce IN-STOCK T-235 - White Titles $175.00
IF1030003 Northwest / KLM IN-STOCK Split Livery - 402 pcs. $120.00
IFDC100211 NWA Northwest IN-STOCK Final Colors $145.00
IFDC100114P Philippine Airlines IN-STOCK Old Colors - Polished Finish $165.00
IF103044 PIA IN-STOCK Delivery Colors $145.00
New Instock Model!!
PIA PRE-ORDER Gold Cheatline - AP-AXD $165.00
New Instock Model!!
PIA PRE-ORDER Gold Cheatline - AP-AXE $165.00
IF103035 Sabena IN-STOCK   $145.00
IFDC100714P SAS Scandinavian IN-STOCK Polished Finish $165.00
New Instock Model!!
Swissair IN-STOCK Old Colors - Farewell DC-10 Titles Polished Finish $165.00
New Instock Model!!
Swissair IN-STOCK Old Colors - HB-IHH - Polished Finish $165.00
IFDC100511 Swissair IN-STOCK Old Colors $175.00
IFDC101213P Transaero IN-STOCK Polished Finish $165.00
IFDC101111 United Airlines LIMITED STOCK Friendship Colors $165.00
IFDC100411A Varig IN-STOCK Final Colors $145.00
IFDC100411B Varig LOG IN-STOCK Final Colors $145.00
IFDC100711 Western Airlines IN-STOCK   $175.00
Embraer ERJ-145
IF145001 British Airways IN-STOCK USA Utopia Tail $65.00
IF145002 British Airways IN-STOCK Ireland Utopia Tail $66.00
IF145003 British Airways IN-STOCK Germany Utopia Tail $66.00
IF145004 British Airways IN-STOCK Poland Utopia Tail $66.00
IF145005 British Airways IN-STOCK Botswana Utopia Tail $65.00
IF145006 British Airways IN-STOCK Saudi Arabia Utopia Tail $66.00
IF145007 British Airways IN-STOCK Sweden Utopia Tail $65.00
IF145008 British Airways IN-STOCK India Utopia Tail $66.00
IF145009 British Airways IN-STOCK Scotland Utopia Tail $66.00
IF145010 British Airways IN-STOCK Australia Utopia Tail $66.00
IF145011 British Airways IN-STOCK England Utopia Tail $66.00
Lockheed C-130
New Instock Model!!
Air China IN-STOCK B-3002 - L-382G $89.00
New Instock Model!!
Air China / CAAC IN-STOCK B-3004 - L-382G $89.00
New Instock Model!!
Royal Air Force IN-STOCK C-130J - ZH888 $89.00
Lockheed L-1011-200
IF2011013 Aer Lingus LIMITED STOCK ATA Colors $175.00
New Instock Model!!
Air Canada PRE-ORDER Polished Belly - Singapore 85 Logo
 Jetstreams/ARD Exclusive
New Instock Model!!
Air Canada IN-STOCK Eastern Hybrid - Jetstreams/ARD Exclusive $155.00
IF011023 Air Canada IN-STOCK Final Scheme $135.00
IF10110411B APA Republica Domincana IN-STOCK   $155.00
IF011019 British Air Tours IN-STOCK Landor Livery - G-BBAJ $132.00
IF011024 Caledonian Airways IN-STOCK   $135.00
IF10110411 Faucett Peru IN-STOCK   $155.00
IF10110511 Iberia Airlines IN-STOCK   $175.00
IF10110513 Kittyhawk International IN-STOCK   $145.00
IF011015 LTU IN-STOCK   $132.00
IF10111011 Royal Airlines IN-STOCK   $155.00
IF011046 Saudi Arabian IN-STOCK Old Colors - English Titles $135.00
IF011047 Saudi Arabian IN-STOCK Old Colors - Arabic Titles $135.00
Lockheed P-3 Orion

German Navy

IN-STOCK 6007 $75.00

Japan Maritime
Self Defense Force

IN-STOCK 5014 - 120 pcs $75.00

Japan Maritime
Self Defense Force

IN-STOCK 5022 - 120 pcs $75.00

Japan Maritime
Self Defense Force

IN-STOCK 5048 - 240 pcs $75.00

Portugal Air Force

IN-STOCK 14810 $69.00
New Instock Model!!
Spain Air Force PRE-ORDER   $69.00

US Navy

IN-STOCK PATWING 14 - NAS Jacksonville $90.00
McDonnell Douglas MD-82
IFMD82001 SAS Scandinavian IN-STOCK Red Scheme $69.00
IFMD82002 SAS Scandinavian IN-STOCK Blue Scheme $69.00
Shorts 330/360
IF330001 Air UK IN-STOCK   $65.00
IF360001 Air Ecosse IN-STOCK   $65.00
Tupolev TU-154
IF154003 Balkan IN-STOCK   $68.00
IF1540713 Balkan IN-STOCK LZ-BTH - 24 pcs $79.00
IF154004 CSA IN-STOCK   $68.00
IF1540813 Hemus Air IN-STOCK LZ-HMH - 24 pcs $79.00
  Display Base IN-STOCK Wooden Display Base
(For All Sized Inflight200's)
  Display Stand IN-STOCK Stand for 737-200 $10.00
  Display Stand IN-STOCK Stand for 737-700/800 $10.00
  Display Stand IN-STOCK Stand for DC-8 (All Versions) $10.00
  Display Stand IN-STOCK Stand for DC-9 (All Versions) $10.00
  Display Stand IN-STOCK Stand for DC-10 $10.00
  Display Stand IN-STOCK Stand for L-1011 $10.00

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