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Misc Models
Below are 1/200 scale models produced by Aviation200, JCwings, Greenbox and other brands. They are all metal and are similar in quality to Inflight200 models.

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Model Number Picture Airline   Information Price
Boeing 727-200
JC2072 Ansett IN-STOCK Final Colors $59.00
BBOX0413 PSA IN-STOCK Disney Livery $95.00
Boeing 737-200
ARD2006 Air UK IN-STOCK ARD Exclusive $75.00
ARD2004 Britannia Airways IN-STOCK ARD Exclusive $75.00
ARD2001 Dan Air IN-STOCK ARD Exclusive $75.00
BBOX334 Dragonair IN-STOCK Old Colors $69.00
AV27370413P Delta Air Lines IN-STOCK Final Colors - Polished Finish $75.00
ARD2003 Monarch IN-STOCK ARD Exclusive $75.00
Boeing 737-800
COLTS738 Indianapolis Colts IN-STOCK SAMPLE Model - Only 6 Pcs $260.00
AV2738008 KLM IN-STOCK Retro Livery $69.00
Boeing 747-200
XX2858 Cathay Pacific Cargo IN-STOCK Old Livery - Polished Finish $175.00
Boeing 747-300
BBOX0113A Cathay Pacific IN-STOCK Old Colors - VR-HII $175.00
Boeing 747-400
BBOX8965 All Nippon Airways IN-STOCK Pokemon Livery - 400D JA8965 $185.00
XX2865 All Nippon Airways IN-STOCK Snoopy Colors $180.00
BBOXAS008 Asiana Airlines IN-STOCK New Colors - HL7418 $159.00
BBOXAS009 Asiana Cargo IN-STOCK New Colors - HL7414 $159.00
New Instock Model!!
Cathay Pacific PRE-ORDER Asia World Livery $169.00
BBOXQFA06 Qantas IN-STOCK New Colors - Boxing Kangaroo $175.00
BBOXQFA07 Qantas IN-STOCK Formula One Livery $175.00
New Instock Model!!
Singapore Airlines PRE-ORDER Tropical Livery $169.00
Boeing 777-200/300
JC2108 Continental IN-STOCK Peter Max Livery $110.00
Boeing 787-8
XX2887 All Nippon Airways IN-STOCK Regular Colors - JA805A $110.00
XX2829 Japan Airlines IN-STOCK New Colors - JA822J $110.00
XX2886 Japan Airlines IN-STOCK Older Colors $110.00
XX685 Jetstar IN-STOCK With Stand $125.00
Convair 880
BBOXCX880 Cathay Pacific IN-STOCK Polished Finish $105.00
BBOXJAL880P Japan Airlines IN-STOCK Polished Finish $105.00
Douglas DC-8
DP862008 Aeromexico IN-STOCK DC-8-62 - XA-AMT - White Livery  $89.00
Douglas DC-10
New Instock Model!!
British Caledonian IN-STOCK G-BEBM - Polished Finish  $159.00
New Instock Model!!
British Caledonian IN-STOCK G-BGAT - Polished Finish  $159.00
AV2DC100413 Delta Air Lines IN-STOCK Widget Livery  $159.00
BBOXJALW06 JALways IN-STOCK Reso'cha Livery - JA8539  $129.00
BBOXJAL01 Japan Airlines IN-STOCK Final Colors  $129.00
BBOXJAL03 Japan Asia Airlines IN-STOCK 80's Colors  $129.00
BBOXJAA04 Japan Asia Airlines IN-STOCK 90's Colors - JA8532  $129.00
(Japan Air System)
IN-STOCK JA8551 - Peter Pan Livery  $129.00
(Japan Air System)
IN-STOCK JA8550  $129.00
BBOX0313 Lufthansa IN-STOCK Final Colors - D-ADJO  $129.00
BBOXDC100813 Sabena IN-STOCK Dalmatians Livery  $159.00
Lockheed L-1011
New Instock Model!!
Cathay Pacific PRE-ORDER Delivery Colors - Polished  $180.00
New Instock Model!!
Cathay Pacific PRE-ORDER Delivery Colors - HK Flag - Polished  $180.00
BBOX077 Dragonair IN-STOCK Newer Colors  $120.00
BBOX333 Dragonair IN-STOCK VR-HOD - Old Colors  $120.00


Kalitta IN-STOCK American International Titles  $120.00
Lockheed L-188
GBB2188007 Cathay Pacific IN-STOCK VR-HFO - Delivery Colors  $59.00
Lockheed P-3 Orion
IFP3MLD Netherlands Navy IN-STOCK Newer Colors  $175.00

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